Kurosawa and The Criterion Collection

Monday, March 5, 2012

Recently I've started following The Criterion Collection on Tumblr.

I think it's a really great and genuine tumblr to follow because they just have this whole vault to pull such incredible images from. It just makes sense and has a legitimate purpose - it makes you want to see the film and to me - creates a more nuanced and stronger relationship to images and film.

Anyways, I thought one of the entries from today was really cute and hilarious:

"Akira Kurosawa considers an explosion on the set of RAN."

Look at this old Japanese man with his cute white gloves and runners and cap, having the luxury to consider an explosion and whether or not he liked it for his film. So, so, so cute. It's funny to think that explosions are "considered" and that they are considered by this little Japanese man who wears white gloves and runners to work. And it's also funny to think about whether or not he did like the explosion and his reasons for either. Oh, it was too red. Oh it was too big. Oh it wasn't smoky enough - let's do it again.

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